2022-2023 Board of Directors

The CDA Board of Directors governs the Canadian Dermatology Association in accordance with the Association’s mission, vision, and values.

The CDA Board is responsible for the overall governance of the affairs of the Association. It adheres to a model of governance through which it provides strategic leadership and direction to the Association, while always maintaining a clear distinction between CDA Board and management roles and recognizing the interdependencies between them.

Dr. Jennifer Beecker

Dr. Catherine McCuaig
Immediate Past President

Dr. Michele Ramien
President Elect

Dr. Gabriele Weichert
Vice President

Dr. Sonya Abdulla (2022-2024)

Dr. Aaron Wong (2021-2023)

Dr. Ashley Sutherland (2020-2023)
Regional Director – Atlantic Provinces

Dr. Lisa Iannattone (2021-2024)
Regional Director – Quebec

Dr. Robin Wiviott (2022-2025)
Regional Director – Quebec

Dr. Shanna Spring (2021-2024)
Regional Director – Ontario

Dr. Sophia Colantonio (2022-2025)
Regional Director – Ontario

Dr. Irina Oroz (2022-2025)
Regional Director – Prairie Provinces

Dr. Marcie Ulmer (2022-2023)
Regional Director – British Columbia

Dr. Maxwell Sauder (2022-2023)
Treasurer Elect

Dr. Kirk Barber
Editor-in-Chief, JCMS

Dr. Mark Kirchhof
CDA Representative on Royal College Specialty Committee

Dr. Anastasiya Muntyanu  (2021-2022)
CDA-RFS Representative

Dr. Saima Ali  (2022-2023)
CDA-RFS Representative

Ms. Linda M. Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Ella Forbes Chilibeck (2019-2023)
Community Director

Mr. Tom Bursey (2020-2024)
Community Director