CDA Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

We are witnessing a time in our history that will hopefully result in meaningful changes. Protests against racial injustices have been occurring across the world. In Canada we are not immune to discrimination based on colour of skin. At the Canadian Dermatology Association, we support diversity and equality for all. We add our voices to the call for safety, healthy equity and equality of opportunity regardless of race or ethnicity.

As Dermatologists, we see you. Your skin matters.

What will we do?

  1. We will educate ourselves to be a part of the solution. Just as continuing medical education is a lifelong pursuit, taking the time to understand issues affecting those of different backgrounds is crucial to our development.
  2. We commit to promoting diverse representation among committee membership and senior leadership in medical organizations. We recognize that by seeking individuals from varied backgrounds and ethnic groups, we will be able to endorse more reflective and representative organizational policies.
  3. We can help amplify the voice of our colleagues and societies with positive messaging on skin of colour. We will encourage our members and colleagues to include a diversity of skin types when we lecture and teach our medical colleagues and when we produce official CDA communications.

June 23, 2020