CDA Research Award in Dermatology

The Canadian Dermatology Association presents an annual award for the best manuscript submitted in either English or French, for original work, not previously published or accepted for publication at the time of submission, relevant to some aspect of dermatology. The study must have been designed and carried out by (or under supervision of) the applicant.  This award may be granted by the Membership and Awards Committee on the basis of merit for excellent work intended to expand, direct, define or assist in the understanding and/or treatment of dermatologic disease.

In evaluating submissions for the award, the Membership and Awards Committee will consider:

  • Originality of ideas;
  • Clinical relevance or potential importance of the work;
  • Experimental methods and use of controls;
  • Evaluation of results; and
  • Clarity of presentation.

External review may be used.

  1. Competition for the award shall be open to any dermatologist who is a member of the CDA or any full-time resident in dermatology in Canada, or any undergraduate or graduate student in medicine in Canada.  Multi-authored papers must identify   the candidate applying for the award.  No one may receive the award twice.
  2. The award shall be an annual one but if, in the opinion of the Membership and Awards Committee, no paper is worthy of the award, none will be made.
  3. Submissions must be of a quality suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  4. Each paper shall be submitted to the Chair of the Membership and Awards Committee and must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae not exceeding 300 words.
  5. Completed nomination form must be submitted electronically by the deadline date.
  6. A crystal award will be presented at the CDA Annual Conference, at which time the winning paper will be presented.

2021 Dr. Laurence Mainville

2020 Dr. Aaron Drucker

2019 Dr. Feras Ghazawi

2018 Dr. Phillipe Lefrancois

2017 Dr. Sunil Kalia

Submit Nomination

Entries must be received by March 1, 2022