Award of Honour

The award shall be presented for excellence in one of the following areas as pertained to dermatology:

  • Personal contributions to the advancement of medical research, medical education, health care organization or health education of the public;
  • Service to the people of Canada in raising the standards of health care delivery in Canada; and
  • Service to the professions in the field of medical organization.

The award represents the highest award that lies within the power of the Canadian Dermatology Association to bestow upon a person who is not a member of the medical profession.

  1. Nominees are not members of the medical profession.
  2. The CDA shall be under no obligation to make the award annually.
  3. The award may be presented to more than one person in a given year.
  4. This award will not be awarded posthumously. In the event of the demise of the nominee after being selected but before being presented with the award, it shall be presented posthumously.
  5. Letters of nomination may be submitted by any member of the Canadian Dermatology Association.
  6. Completed nomination form must be submitted electronically by the deadline date.
  7. The Membership and Awards Committee shall make recommendations to the CDA Board of Directors for the award. The Board of Directors shall make the final decision.
  8. The recipient of the award shall be offered the opportunity of attending the Annual Conference to accept the award.
  9. The award shall take the form of a pin, which may be worn at official functions.

2016 Mr. Robert Lavoie

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Entries must be received by March 1, 2022