Early Career Volunteer Award

Deadline: February 28

The Early Career Volunteer Award is given in recognition of those residents, fellows and new dermatologists who are committed to giving back to society by making significant contributions at a local, provincial, national or international level through volunteer activities that have a medical or dermatological aspect.

The volunteer services may include physician or public education, leadership and administrative responsibilities.  Consideration will also be given to involvement with patient groups, medical history societies, political action groups, and religious or charitable activities provided they have a medical or dermatological aspect. The volunteer activities should demonstrate a meaningful commitment of time, energy and resources, as well as, meaningful benefit to others.

  1. The award is open to residents, fellows and dermatologists who are 40 years of age or less, or have been in practice 10 years or less and are a member of the Canadian Dermatology Association.
  2. Members cannot nominate themselves.
  3. More than one award per year will be considered.  No award need be granted in any one year.
  4. In addition to a nomination letter, a minimum of one support letter with up to a maximum of three letters are required to validate the nomination.
  5. Nominations shall be in writing and will include the candidate’s curriculum vitae and a brief submission as to why the individual should receive the award.  Include names and addresses of nominators.
  6. Nominations shall be received by the Chair of the Membership and Awards Committee by:  February 28.
  7. The Membership and Awards Committee shall consider the nomination and pass its recommendations on to the Board of Directors.
  8. The award will be presented at the CDA Annual Conference.