Practice Management Program

Supported in part by Celgene through an unrestricted educational grant.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Practice Management Program I

Chair: Gordon Searles, MD, FRCPC

The first of the three Practice Management sessions delivers a variety of practice management tips and pearls, along with advice on how to review and be a reviewer of journal articles. It also presents one more practice style comparison to complete the series started last year.

07:00-07:10 Welcome & Agenda Gordon Searles
07:10-07:48 Practice Management Potpourri Benjamin Barankin
07:48-08:07 How to be a Reviewer and Review Articles for a Journal Melinda Gooderham
08:07-08:26 Practice Style Comparisons:
Academic – the Good, the Bad, and the Different
Peter Green
08:26-08:30 Closing Remarks Gordon Searles

Friday, June 23, 2017

Practice Management Program II

Chair:  Kerri Purdy, MD, FRCPC

The second of the three Practice Management sessions delivers candid commentary on the medico-political landscape in Canada – from east to west, province by province. Not to be missed!

07:00-07:05 Welcome & Agenda Kerri Purdy
07:05-07:10 Cross-Country Check-Up – Newfoundland Joseph Coffey
07:10-07:17 Cross-Country Check-Up – Nova Scotia Peter Hull
07:17-07:22 Cross-Country Check-Up – New Brunswick Rob Hayes
07:22-07:32 Cross-Country Check-Up – Quebec Julie Powell
07:32-07:44 Cross-Country Check-Up – Ontario David Adam
07:44-07:49 Cross-Country Check-Up – Manitoba Rochelle Van De Velde
07:49-07:56 Cross-Country Check-Up – Saskatchewan Angela Law
07:56-08:08 Cross-Country Check-Up – Alberta Gordon. Searles
08:08-08:18 Cross-Country Check-Up – British Columbia Evert Tuyp
08:18-08:28 Inter-Provincial Fee Comparison Evert Tuyp
08:28-08:30 Closing Remarks Kerri Purdy


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Practice Management Program III

Chair:  Evert Tuyp, MD, FRCPC

The third and final of the three Practice Management sessions offer expert answers to questions on why do research, how to write an articles and how to get published as well as opportunities to discuss a number of medico-political issues through a series of vignettes.

07:00-07:10 Welcome & Agenda Evert Tuyp
07:10-07:29 Why do Research & How to Write an Article for a Journal Jerry Tan
07:29-07:49 How to Get Published Kirk Barber
07:49-08:28 Practice Management Vignettes Robert Richards
08:28-08:30 Closing Remarks Evert Tuyp