Lymphatic Diseases

Lymphovenous Canada

The purpose of our web site is to link people in Canada with dysfunctioning lymphatic systems with health care professionals and support groups in their communities and around the world. Through this site we will keep you informed of some of the latest developments in scientific research and treatment in this area.

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Lymphovenous Association of Ontario

Goals: Promote research towards improved methods of treatment and a cure of lymphovenous disorders. Raise awareness of the public, health care professionals and those affected by lymphovenous disorders with respect to the causes and treatments of these disorders. Foster an environment where persons affected by lymphovenous disorders can share their experiences.

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Lymphedema Association of Quebec

We hope to provide support, awareness, education and the pursuit of a cure for lymphedema to the many of us who are afflicted with this chronic disease in Québec, Canada, and elsewhere world-wide. This includes those who have primary lymphedema, from lymphatic mal-function, or secondary lymphedema, due to surgery, lymph node removal, and/or radiation therapy, as well as their care-takers and health professionals.

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