National Sun Awareness Month (Monday, May 2 - 29, 2022)

The CDA is dedicated to informing Canadians about the importance of performing regular skin cancer self-examinations and the simple steps that can be taken to protect themselves and their families from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation exposure. Important sun awareness messages and resources are available throughout this website and the CDA’s social media channels.

Five Step Self Skin Cancer Examination

Using a mirror in a well-lit room, check the front of your body – face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, thighs and lower legs.

Turn sideways, raise your arms and look carefully at the right and left sides of your body, including the underarm area.

With a hand-held mirror, check your upper back, neck and scalp. Next, examine your lower back, buttocks, backs of thighs and calves.

Examine your forearms, palms, back of the hands, fingernails and in between each finger.

Finally, check your feet – the tops, soles, toenails, toes and spaces in between.

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Questions about personal medical issues will not be answered. Please consult your doctor or dermatologist for medical advice.

Sun Safety Behaviours

Dermalogues Podcast - Sun Awareness with Dr Sunil Kalia

Things are heating up in the latest episode of Dermalogues! In recognition of Sun Awareness Month, in this special edition episode of the Dermalogues podcast, host Dr Kerri Purdy talks to the National Chair of the CDA Sun Awareness Working Group, Dr Sunil Kalia, about early detection, prevention, general sun awareness, and what the CDA has planned for the month.

Your "Burning" Questions Answered

You asked, and we answered. Our followers on social media have been submitting their “burning” questions about sun safety, and our certified dermatologists from across the country have been answering them through a series of video replies on social media. Watch some of the replies below and be sure to follow us on social media for more sun awareness content all year round.

Patient Stories

We understand that no two patients are alike, and neither is their journey. Each patient’s journey, though, has some common traits: strength, determination, persistence and sense of hope. Our patients inspire our Dermatologists every day. We tell their stories here, in their words, as a tribute to them and the relationship they’ve developed with their Dermatologist.

When to See a Dermatologist

In this video, dermatologist Dr. Nicole Hawkins talks about the signs of melanoma, when to see a dermatologist, and what to expect during a visit should skin cancer be identified.

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Social Media Toolkit

Use our social media toolkit to help raise awareness about the importance of sun safety to your online community. Here you will find all the materials you need to raise awareness about early detection and skin cancer prevention. Social media posts, hashtags, templates, campaign logo, and more.


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