Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Welcome Address
Greetings Mariusz Sapijaszko
Welcome to our City Irina Turchin
Welcome from distinguished CDA Member Dana Hanson
Words from CDA President Mariusz Sapijaszko
Words from AAD President Henry Lim
Words from ILDS President Harvey Lui
Official Opening Mariusz Sapijaszko


Plenary 1 – Skin Science for All

Chairs:  Gilles Lauzon, MD, FRCPC & Neil Shear, MD, FRCPC

Open to all conference participants, the Skin Science for All program provides a yearly review of select basic science topics relevant to dermatology.  This highly valued program is presented under the auspices of the Canadian Professors of Dermatology.

13:30-14:10 When to suspect autoinflammatory disease: Principles and basics Jan Dutz
14:10-14:50 Immune mediated oral mucosal diseases Peter Chauvin
14:50-15:20 Break
15:20-16:00 Autoantibodies in connective tissue diseases: clinical relevance, associated phenotypes and prognostic significance Joanie Pinard


60 Tips in 60 Minutes

Chair:  Kerri Purdy, MD, FRCPC

An all-time favourite, this session offers top tips on a wide array of topics from leading experts.  Don’t miss out on what is consistently rated as one of the top sessions at the CDA Annual Conference.

16:00-16:05 Introduction & Welcome Kerri Purdy
16:05-16:12 Tips for managing hyperpigmentation Andrew Alexis
16:12-16:19 TBC TBC
16:19-16:26 Cosmetic/Surgical Tips Rob Hayes
16:26-16:33 Tips for Pruritus Scott Walsh
16:33-16:40 50 Shades of Brown: Pearls for Treatment of Pigmented Skin and Textured Hair Renee Beach
16:40-16:47 Tips to help diagnose and treat selected Oral Diseases Peter Chauvin
16:47-16:54 Tips for Treatment and Management of Severe Refractory Cases of Autoimmune Skin Diseases Joanie Pinard
16:55-17:00 Session Q&A, Closing Comments  Kerri Purdy


Afternoon Symposium

Co-developed by Valeant Canada and the CDA

Chair: Charles Lynde, MD, FRCPC

Biologic Treatment Options for Psoriasis in 2017: Redefining Treatment Success

Great strives have been made in recent years in the treatment of psoriasis. Once thought to be unachievable, PASI 100 is now within the clinicians’ reach. However, the question remains: what does PASI 100 actually mean for the patient and the clinician?  In this symposium, we will review new biologic treatment options and the clinical benefits of complete skin clearance to patients.  As well, we will explore the patient’s perspective through a series of patient cases, and how efficacy should or should not affect treatment decisions.

17:15-17:25 Introduction, objectives, and unmet needs in psoriasis Charles Lynde
17:25-17:45 Bridging the treatment gap with new biologic treatment options for psoriasis and achieving complete skin clearance Melinda Gooderham
17:45-18:05 Co-morbidities associated with psoriasis and the safety of biologic treatments Kim Papp
18:05-18:20 Clinical cases demonstrating treatment options for patients with inadequate treatment response to biologic therapy Ian Landells
18:20-18:30 Interactive panel discussion/questions and answers Facilitated by Charles Lynde
18:30-18:40 Post Symposium Survey Facilitated by Charles Lynde
18:40-18:45 Conclusion and closing remarks Charles Lynde


Opening Reception

A festive welcome reception for all at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.  Located next to the host hotel, Crowne Plaza Fredericton-Lord Beaverbrook.