Award of Merit

Deadline: February 28

The basic premise for this award is excellence of leadership and excellence in contributions made to the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) over many years. These excellent and outstanding contributions can be made locally, provincially, regionally, and nationally. International contributions to promote the CDA and Canadian dermatology can also be considered.

The contributions can be in all or some of the following:

  • clinical and research activities;
  • teaching;
  • organizational and administrative ability; and
  • community services.
  1. The award is open to living Canadian Dermatology Association members.
  2. The CDA shall be under no obligation to make the award annually, only one nomination would be considered yearly, and it is visualized that in many years there would be no nominees.
  3. The nominations shall be made in writing and include a current and complete curriculum vitae and three supporting letters indicating why the nominee deserves the Award.
  4. Nominations shall be received by the Chair of the Membership and Awards Committee by February 28.
  5. The Membership and Awards Committee shall consider the nomination and pass its recommendations on to the CDA Board of Directors.
  6. An award will be presented at the CDA Annual Conference.

2019 Dr. Richard Haber

2018 Dr. Jerry Shapiro

2017 Dr. Alain Brassard

2016 Dr. Jason Rivers

2015 Dr. Peter Hull