Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery

Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery Incorporating Medical & Surgical Dermatology is the Official Journal of the Canadian Dermatology Association.

JCMS aims to reflect the state of the art in cutaneous biology and dermatology by providing original scientific writings, as well as a complete critical review of the dermatology literature for clinicians, trainees, and academicians. The journal endeavours to bring readers cutting edge dermatologic information in two distinct formats. Part of each issue features scholarly research and articles on issues of basic and applied science, insightful case reports, comprehensive continuing medical education, and in depth reviews, all of which provide theoretical framework for practitioners to make sound practical decisions. The evolving field of dermatology is highlighted through these articles. In addition, part of each issue is dedicated to making the most important developments in dermatology easily accessible to the clinician by presenting well-chosen, well-written, and highly organized information in a format that is interesting, clearly presented, and useful to patient care. Each issue contains summaries of 100-150 articles drawn from a review of over 1,300 publications and prepared as original structured abstracts or summarized more succinctly as one- to three-sentence “essences”.