Registration for the CDA 94th Annual Conference is now open!


An automatic email confirmation and receipt will be forwarded immediately following completion of your registration. Please note, your credit card receipt will read Simply Eventful Management Inc. We look forward to welcoming you to Calgary!

Conference Registration Fees

Conference Registration Fees include all Scientific Meetings, Sub-Specialty Sessions, Symposia Sessions, Workshops*, Welcome Reception, Exhibitor Reception, Awards Reception and Presentation, and the President’s Banquet.

*An additional fee of $150 will apply to Principles of Surgery Workshop to cover the equipment, materials and related costs.

Member Registration Conference rates (plus applicable taxes)* On or before April 18, 2019 After April 18, 2019
CDA Member and Associates $650 $755
CDA Member – 400 hours or less $490 $590
Resident and Fellow Associate $440 $540
*Includes International Associate, Associate, Corresponding Associate and Honorary Associate
Non-Member Registration Proposed Member $650 $755
New Certificant $440 $540
Non-Member $1,630 $1,900
Medical Student $440 $540
Dermatology Nurse $1,420 $1,420
Medical Office Staff $1,630 $1,900
Workshop Registration* Principles of Surgery Workshop (Friday, June 28, 2:30 – 4:45pm) $150 $150
Sponsor Registration Representative (as per contract terms) Complimentary Complimentary
Sponsors – additional representative $3,570 $3,570
Guest Registration Accompanying Person $245 $245
Child & Youth Dinner $45 $45

*Workshop Registration fee:

The Principles of Surgery Workshop on Friday, June 28th has a $150 plus tax fee for this session only.

Participation is limited to 50 registrants only; registration is only available for practicing dermatologists. Materials and instruments provided for registrant use during the workshop are the property of the Canadian Dermatology Association.

Member Registration

Please ensure your CDA membership is paid prior to registration. Only CDA Members and Associates in good standing may register under the discounted member rate. An audit will be performed on all registrations to ensure delegates are signed up under the correct category. If you require clarification of the CDA Member categories, please consult the membership categories page.

Non-Member Registration

Proposed Member
Any fully qualified dermatologist whose application form and fee for CDA membership has been received at the CDA National Office but has not yet had the application approved.

A Non-Member is a practicing dermatologist who would be eligible to apply for CDA membership as defined in the CDA bylaws, that is, a physician who has received:

  • Certification in dermatology by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada;
  • A diploma in dermatology from the American Board of Dermatology, Inc;
  • Certification in dermatology accepted by the College of the province, territory or state in which he/she practices; and
  • A physician who has undergone the necessary specialist training and is a dermatologist certified to practice as such in the country where he/she works.

A copy of the certificate granting authorization to practice as a dermatologist is required for registration for the CDA Conference. Irrespective of affiliation with any provincial or regional dermatology society, all Non-CDA Members wishing to attend the CDA Annual Conference must pay the Non-Member rate.

New Certificant
Any applicant who has received his/her RCPSC or CMQ dermatology certification in 2018 or 2019.

Medical Student
Any Canadian medical student who is enrolled in a MD or MDCM program. Eligible students must be the presenting author of an accepted abstract and be sponsored by a CDA Member who is (1) in good standing and (2) in attendance at the conference.

Dermatology Nurse
Registrants under this category must provide a letter of recommendation from a practicing dermatologist.

Medical Office Staff
This applies to medical office staff who are currently employed by a CDA Member dermatologist on a fulltime basis. The CDA Member dermatologist must be in good standing and in attendance at the conference.

Guest Registration

CDA Member’s Accompanying Person
An Accompanying Person is defined as an immediate family member (spouse, partner, parent or child) who is 18+ years of age who is accompanying a registered attendee. Includes: Welcome Reception, Awards Reception and Presentation, and the President’s Banquet.

Child & Youth Fun Dinner
A children’s dinner with child care, movies and games will be held at the same time as the President’s Banquet for children aged 5 and up. Please indicate on the registration form the number, age and gender of the child(ren).

Terms and Conditions

Registration Confirmation Letters

Upon receipt of completed online or faxed/mailed forms and payment, a confirmation will be sent provided registration is received prior to or on June 14, 2019. Any registrations received after June 14, 2019 will be processed onsite.

Resident and Fellow Registration Policy

Residents must indicate his/her PGY number in the drop-down line of the online registration. To qualify for the Fellow Registration Fee, Fellows must provide proof at the time of registration of enrolment in a Canadian Dermatology training program. A letter of support from the program director/administration office must be uploaded at the time of registration.

Medical Student Registration Policy

Any Canadian medical student who is enrolled in a MD or MDCM program and who is a presenter of a poster or oral presentation may register at this rate. Eligible students must be sponsored by a CDA Member Dermatologist in the category listed as “Member” who is (1) in good standing and (2) in attendance at the conference. The name of the sponsoring CDA Member must be included when registering.

Medical Office Staff Registration Policy

Medical office staff must provide the name of the attending CDA Member on the registration form or online.

Cancellation Policy

All registration fees will be refunded less a $100 + taxes administration fee for written refund requests received prior to Friday, May 10, 2019. A 50% refund will apply for written cancellations received on or prior to Friday, May 31, 2019. No refunds will apply for cancellations received after May 31, 2019. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted.

Submit cancellation letters to the Conference Secretariat by mail, e-mail or fax at the address noted on the registration form.

Booking Conditions & Liability

The CDA and its appointed suppliers act as agents for, and make arrangements with, companies providing optional activities and other independent parties to provide registrants with the activities and tour services as described in this brochure. Although great care is taken to choose suppliers, we are unable to control them directly and, therefore, cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. A failure to supply the activity or service or a deficiency in same or damages which may arise during such activity are not the responsibility of the CDA and its appointed suppliers and the submission of a registration form is based on this limitation.

CDA, its employees, officers, volunteers, directors, contracted staff, contracted companies and agents cannot assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expense arising out of injury, accident or death, loss or damage to property, delay or inconvenience arising from any matters referred to herein.

Conditions of Registration
  1. It is agreed that the CDA, its employees, officers, volunteers, directors, contracted staff, contracted companies and agents shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damages, however caused by any person engaged by, participating in, or attending the CDA 94th Annual Conference in Calgary 2019 for any reason, no matter how caused.
  2. It is agreed that the CDA, its employees, agents, volunteers, directors and officers reserve the right to refuse admission, cancel or reschedule programs, change speakers or location, or revise content at any time. Decisions regarding the necessity for such decisions shall be taken by the CDA or its agents at their sole discretion and shall be final.
  3. It is agreed that those people who are not eligible to register under one of the categories set out in the conference registration brochure will not be permitted to register onsite and will not be allowed to attend any event taking place within the context of the CDA Annual Conference. In such instance, no registration fees, travel, accommodation, per diem or other expenses will be reimbursed by the CDA or its agents.